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Shed Some Light Into The Dark Corner

Shed Some Light Into The Dark Corner

This DVD is available through the ETV store.

For more than 200 years the Dark Corner of Upper Greenville County has remained South Carolina's most elusive and notorious district, until now.  Join Anne McCuen, Dean Campbell, Mann Batson and many others in the Dark Corner for an exclusive odyssey beginning with the Archaic Indians, up through the ages to the Moonshinning era and beyond.

This independent film is a journey through the elusive history of the area known as the Dark Corner.  An area once defined by murders, moonshining and mayhem, this film defines the boundaries, debunks myths, and tells the story of a people who are tied to the land.  People have asked many times “where is the Dark Corner?” and many times the reply was always ‘it’s a little further up the road…’  Told through scholars and storytellers, this film reveals a history from ancient Indians to the modern development of northern Greenville County.  Dark Corner Films became inspired not only by its namesake but by the many residents who wanted the true history of the area to be told.

In addition to the 92 minute documentary, the DVD also has six extra features with an additional 20 minutes of deleted scenes including: Madstones, Joe Pye Weed, Mann Batson's Mash Stirring Stick, 700 Year-Old Cherokee Rock Piles, Arnold Emery's Antique Cars, and a behind the scenes featurette.

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For a personalized experience, take a tour of the area with the Squire of Dark Corner—author, lecturer, photographer, story teller and tour guide, Dean Campbell. 

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