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Tyger-10 Nature Park


Tyger-10 Nature Park

3100 Walnut Grove Road
Roebuck, SC 29376 | map | directions

Tyger-10 Nature Park has a wide, flat trail that runs beside the river that is perfect for families to take a hike and bring along the family dog. There is an abundance of opportunities to experience nature first-hand from shallow pools to turtles sunning on the shore to baby possums in the trees. If you spy something cool at Tyger-10 Nature Park, be sure to upload it to our Facebook page!

Come out and enjoy a hike along the scenic Tyger River. You can download a copy of the trail map here.

For those more adventurous, Tyger-10 Nature Park offers public access points to the river for kayaking, fishing or boating.

Tips for the Trail 
With 60" flat-screen TVs and a new PlayStation hitting the market every six months, it is getting harder and harder to peel our kids off the couch and get them out into nature. Below are three sure-fire ways to get them to see the fun in the Great Outdoors!

Scavenger Hunt
Kids love a challenge so a scavenger hunt is the perfect way to add a little friendly competition to your outdoor fun. The list can be simple: something wooden, orange, sticky, round. It is a great way to make them aware of their surroundings. Make it a photography hunt where you use a camera to  capture the items on your list for added fun.   

Nature Journals
For kids from 4 to 16 years old, a nature journal is a great way to connect with nature. For little ones, you can ask them to sit and draw what they see around them. Then give them a chance to explain what they've drawn. It's an excellent opportunity for them to tune into their surroundings and for you to have a glimpse of the world from your child's eyes. For older children, it is a great way to express themselves in writing. Be it poetry or prose, spending time observing the sights and sounds of nature can be inspirational.   

After-Dinner Hike
Eat an early dinner and then pack the kids in the car to enjoy a hike at Tyger-10 Nature Park. Better yet, pack PB&J sandwiches and juice boxes and enjoy dinner outdoors.


Directions to Tyger 10 Park:

From I-26: Exit I-26 at Exit 35. Go East 2.5 miles on Walnut Grove Rd (Hwy 50).  Cross Tyger River and turn left into Tyger-10 parking lot.

From Downtown Spartanburg: Take Hwy 221 / Church St South (toward Dorman High School). Turn Left onto Hwy 215. Continue for 2.5 miles and CONTINUE STRAIGHT onto Walnut Grove Rd. Continue approximately 7 miles then turn Right into Tyger-10 parking lot.


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